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SAME DAY SHIPPING for all orders received prior to 4 pm EST - All Orders ship from Atlanta, GA USA
SAME DAY SHIPPING for all orders received prior to 4 pm EST from ATLANTA, GA USA

Face Shield Adult - 2 Pack $5.95 (60% OFF)

Save 47%
Original price $14.99
Current price $7.95

Our reusable face shields are sold in packs of 2.  Price is per 2 Face Shields           

  • Reusable Face Shield-Direct Splash Protection
  • Anti-Fog and Anti-Static treatment 
  • Latex Free, fiberglass free, distortion free
  • Foam headband relieves pressure
  • Light weight, Optically clear


Use only against liquids or dust. Our reusable face shields for sale are not impact resistant. Do not use as protection against open flame or sparks.  

Reusable face shields from N95 Medical Supplies are made to be comfortable and safe. They are light weight and anti-static.  N95 Medical Supplies offers face shields as personal protective equipment that aims to protect the wearer's entire face (or part of it) from hazards, chemical splashes, or potentially infectious particles, viruses, or bacteria.       

  • Size: 32*22cm                          
  • Material: 1,PET polyester film 2,Soft elastic band                                           3,Protective foam                                          
  • Color: Transparent (Super clear)                                        
  • CE&FDA certificate