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The fight against Coronavirus - are you taking the best precautions?

The fight against Coronavirus - are you taking the best precautions?

Though vaccination drives are being done all around at a mammoth rate, must not it prevent you from taking necessary precautions. There is evidence which clearly states the reinfection with Sars - Cov - 2. A Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report done by Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, highlights that five residents of a skilled nursing facility were tested positive for Sars - Cov - 2. Of the five people, one even lost its life in the second outbreak of the coronavirus. This clearly suggests there are chances of reinfection. The reinfection being more fatal than the former infection.

Investigation done in the Georgia School District identified a total of 9 clusters of Covid - 19 cases. 13 teachers and 32 students were tested positive at six elementary schools. This hence reaps fear in the residents. 68,603 cases are reported on an average every week in the United States. Truly, not the time to relax as stated by President Joe Biden recently in the massive vaccination campaign. For you to remain safe, it is vital to ensure you take best of the precautionary measures. Use of proper hand gloves and N - 95 masks is a must.

 Towards a safer lifestyle, it is high time for you to take a step. N95 medical supplies bring you KN95 and 3 Ply Face masks. We know how important is your life and hence we supply the safest masks. Our face protective masks and KN95 masks are better than the cloth masks. They provide a high level of filtration and are fluid resistant. Unlike any cloth protective mask, 3 Ply and KN95 masks are disposable as well which decreases chances of getting infection. Our KN95 masks were even tested by CDC. The Center for Disease Control has rated KN95 to capture almost 95% of the tiny particles in air. Order from us today, all of our inventory is in stock. Stay safe and fight Coronavirus with us.

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