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Same Day Shipping for all orders received prior to 4PM EST. All orders ship from Atlanta, GA USA.
Same Day Shipping for all orders received prior to 4PM EST. All orders ship from Atlanta, GA USA.
Did you get your oximeter yet?

Did you get your oximeter yet?

What is an oximeter? 

To estimate the amount of oxygen in your blood, nothing works better than an oximeter. An oximeter works by sending infrared light into the capillaries of your finger, toe or earlobe, and after that it shows the amount of light reflected off the gases. For fast readings and to get end results in very less time or immediately usage of an oximeter can be of very great help. The reading produced by oximeter may be slightly different from the actual oxygen percentage, say about 2% higher or lower, this fluctuation however doesn't necessarily make it any less reliable option for doctors all around. 

Not as precise as other body oxygen level tests performed but is very easy to conduct and its usage saves a lot of time for the doctors. The test conducted through an oximeter is the easiest of all since you can perform this by yourself as well while staying at home and you can get readings easily for faster results. A pulse oximeter is a very safe, harmless and reliable method to measure blood oxygen levels. It is really small in size and hence can be easily kept anywhere, for its usage purpose it is usually slides over your finger or earlobe to find out your blood oxygen levels easily and fastly. 

The importance of an Oximeter, 

Oximeter helps you determine how much blood oxygen level your red blood cells are carrying, so to live a happy and healthy life it is surely necessary to continuously keep a check on your body's blood sugar levels. It is not always necessary for a doctor to be checking your blood oxygen, not unless you show signs like shortness of breath or other chest related problems. People however suffering from major chronic heart diseases have to every now and then take notes of their blood oxygen levels and always keep it monitoring.

It should be clearly noted that if your blood oxygen level is lower than the normal oxygen level then you may experience symptoms like shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, confusion, headache and also chest pain, if you experience any of these symptoms or worse all of them, it is mandatory for you to seek medical guidance as early as possible. Oximeter hence helps you get a rough idea of your oxygen levels if any of these situations arises so that you may visit your doctor in the quickest way. 

What is the need for checking blood oxygen levels and what is the appropriate level? 

Patients with chronic health conditions should be regularly keeping a check of their blood oxygen level. Even a slight irresponsibility may turn fatal for you. The appropriate level that any person must have of their blood oxygen level is between 80 - 100 millimetres of mercury (mm Hg), a pulse oximeter measures your blood oxygen level then in that case a normal reading will somewhere be between 95 and 100 percent. This normal blood oxygen level however varies from people to people or patients to patients, a normal blood oxygen level for a person having severe COPD will be between 88 - 92 percent. 

Often when your blood oxygen level is too low you will be required to boost your oxygen level in the body this will be done through supplemental oxygen. It is very important to follow your doctor’s advice regarding blood oxygen level and take all the necessary steps to keep it fully balanced. 

Oximeter and its use in COVID - 19

With the outbreak of the deathly coronavirus it has become a matter of immediate concern to keep a proper check of your health. The demand for oximeters has steadily risen since the eruption of Covid - 19 as it helps in determining the very common symptom of covid and that is low oxygen levels. Big organizations, hospitals, schools and other institutes have already included and stocked up their precautionary measures which also include the oximeter. People are tested in various big shopping malls before entering to avoid any type of risks. 

To keep a regular check on your health oximeter can be of great help, it can show you your blood oxygen level and can help you provide an idea of your health. Several self-treating patients of corona virus have been advised by their doctors to regularly keep a check on their blood oxygen level and monitor the rise and fall of their oxygen level. A person with a mild case should be keeping a regular check and should approach the doctor if the oxygen level starts to drastically decline. Getting an oximeter will not just be helpful for fighting the current state of scenarios but also will be of great help later on. 

Did you get your oximeter? 

Oximeter is surely a one-time investment and hence should be purchased from the right producer and supplier, N95 Medical Supplies is that supplier for you, you can completely rely on their services and products and use them safely without any hesitation. The company has been constantly serving clients all over and is super adept in providing the safest and secure methods of personal safety and health medicinal tools. Get the best of the thermometers and oximeter range that are not just affordable but also are the safest ones, on which doctors all over rely. 

In such a situation where no one wants to take risks in any way, investing in the right medical supplies will be of great help to you. After all, it is the health we have at last and to focus on making it better any how should be our only aim. Books and get your covid essentials today, keep your temperature and oxygen levels in check with the N95 Medical Supplies. 

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